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Prayer News January 2018

Jordyn FitzGibbon, 02/01/18

Happy New Year! Join us in praying & praising over these requests this month

Prayer News January 2018


1st–7th January
Praise God for the many CU carol services that were held on campus across Ireland last December, and please pray for the CUs as they seek to follow up with those who attended.
Please pray for students at DCU on St. Patrick’s campus as they begin their teacher training placements this month.
Please pray for Helen Blakey and our Relay workers as they attend the UCCF conference in England this week. 

8th–14th January
Please pray for Monty, the Director and Isabel Quinlan, Associate Staff Worker, as they lead a workshop on how to speak to students at the Irish Preachers Conference this week.
Please pray for Peter Grier, Munster Team Leader, as he travels to France this week with the IFES Unreached Peoples Network.
Please pray for Hollie Tagle, ISM Team Leader, as she attends the Friends International Annual Conference this week, looking at ‘The Unchanging Gospel in a Changing World’.

15th–21st January
Praise God that many students had the opportunity to rest over the Christmas holidays and pray for them as they have exams throughout this month.
Please pray for all the international secretaries across the island who are preparing for a new term of ministry and service. Pray for energy, fruitfulness and ongoing encouragement as they serve their CUs.

22nd–28th January
Please pray for AIT CU as they begin a weekly seeker Bible study this month.
Please pray for Emma Martin and the planning team at UCD as they make final preparations for their CU Events Week.
Please pray for the CUI staff team as they attend staff training in Belfast this week.

29th January–4th February
Please pray for TCD, UCD and UCC as they have their mission and events weeks. Pray that many students would hear the gospel proclaimed to them this week and make a commitment to follow Jesus.
Praise God for our Student Council members and please pray for them as they meet this Saturday to discuss the ongoing work of CUI.
Please pray that the international students in UUC CU would feel included in wider CU activities.