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CUIAC 2018 | Truth Speaks

Jordyn FitzGibbon, 15/01/18

Students, get ready for a fantastic weekend of workshops, worship, and craic at our CU Annual Conference from March 23–25!

CUIAC 2018 | Truth Speaks

CU annual conference is only a few months away and we have a brilliant weekend in store for students. From March 23–25, 2018, at Kings Hospital in Dublin, you’re invited to join students from across the island for a weekend of equipping through worship, seminars, workshops, connecting with other CUs, and craic aplenty! Have a look into a CUIAC weekend here.

This year, we have guest speaker Bruce Alwood coming to share on the theme of Truth Speaks to equip you for mission on your university campus. 

Bruce is currently the Regional Supervisor of Serge throughout ROI and NI and has a wealth of knowledge on evangelism and mission. He spent over 25 years working with InterVarsity Christian Fellowship (IVCF) in America before moving to Ireland in 2010 with his wife, Kathy, who will also be hosting a seminar at CUIAC. Learn more about Bruce here!

**UPDATE: Registration is now over! We cannot wait to see you at CUIAC!**