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Prayer News February 2018

Jordyn FitzGibbon, 01/02/18

Join with us in praying and praising over these requests this month

Prayer News February 2018

29th January–4th February

Please pray for TCD, UCD and UCC as they have their mission and events weeks. Pray that many students would hear the gospel proclaimed to them this week and make a commitment to follow Jesus.
Praise God for our Student Council members and please pray for them as they meet this Saturday to discuss the ongoing work of CUI.
Please pray that the international students in UUC CU would feel included in wider CU activities. 

5th–11th February

Please pray for students at Stran CU, who will go on their school placements this week. Pray for them to be reliant on God at this stressful time of year.
Praise God for our dedicated Board members and please pray for them as they meet this Saturday and make important decisions for CUI.

12th–18th February

Please pray for the CUI Annual Conference planning team as they finalise plans for this year’s conference.
Praise God that UUM CU have increased in size and now have two small group bible studies. Please pray that they would continue to be dedicated in helping one another grow in their faith. 

19th–25th February

Please pray for the Dublin International Outreach Planning Team, as they look and plan ahead for the summer outreach. Pray for unity of vision, creativity and discernment as they hope to grow and develop the ministry.
Please pray for students who are witnessing and reading the Bible with their friends.
Please pray for those who are considering doing our Relay programme next year and pray that God would guide them through the application process.

26th February–4th March

Please for the CUI team as they meet this week for fellowship and training in Greystones.
Please pray for Bruce Alwood as he prepares to speak at CUI Annual Conference this year on the topic of mission and evangelism.
Please pray for UUJ CU as their events week takes place this week. Pray that the CU would take this opportunity to chat to friends in their class and invite them along to these events where the gospel will be shared.