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Prayer News March 2018

Jordyn FitzGibbon, 01/03/18

Join us in praying and praising over these requests this month!

Prayer News March 2018

 26th February–4th March

Please for the CUI team as they meet this week for fellowship and training in Greystones.

Please pray for Bruce Alwood as he prepares to speak at CUI Annual Conference this year on the topic of mission and evangelism.

Please pray for UUJ CU as their events week takes place this week. Pray that the CU would take this opportunity to chat to friends in their class and invite them along to these events where the gospel will be shared.

5th–11th March

Please pray for our Relay workers as they meet together on Tuesday for training and fellowship.

Please pray for the Annual Conference band as they prepare to lead worship and our seminar leaders as they prepare to lead seminars on various topics.

12th–18th March

Please pray for Hollie Tagle as she goes on maternity leave this month after the birth of her second child. Pray for them as a family as they adjust to life with a new baby and pray also for the ongoing work of ISM in her absence.

Praise God for all of the mission weeks that happened across Ireland on campus and please pray that the CUs would provide effective follow up for all who came along to the events.

Please pray that many students would prioritise coming to this year’s Annual Conference in order to have fellowship with CUs across Ireland and to receive training.  

19th–25th March

Please pray for students who are in the midst of many assignments and coursework. Pray that they would be able to work well and would know God’s peace in these busy times.

Please pray for CUs who do an international homestay program over the Easter weeks, to help international students integrate with local Christian community and homes.

Please pray for our CUI Annual Conference which takes place this weekend. Please pray for a good sense of friendship among students and for a renewed and enlarged vision among our CUs to reach the campus with the good news of Jesus.

26th–31st March

Praise God for the outgoing committees and pray for them as they begin to finish up and handover to the incoming committee. 

Please pray that many students would have the opportunity to talk about their faith over the Easter period.