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Festival Guests

We’re in a unique context on campuses on our island, and so we want the best people, artists and resources who’ll be able to prophetically speak into that context – to apply God’s word to our cultures – and equip us for mission on campus.

We’ll keep announcing names in the weeks ahead, but for now, here’s a few to get your juices flowing:

 Headline bands:

Our own CU “in–house” student band

We’ll be led each morning in worship by a group who’ve played together for several years now for another large youth gathering.  Drawing together Dublin students, one Cork student and one Belfast student, they’ll be uniting us together in our diverse backgrounds, regardless whether you’re used to fired–up drumbeats, or unaccompanied psalms!  As well as being a special mix of our CU movement, they’ll be a great example of how to lead everyone in spirit–led worship, as mission teams on campus.


Chapel Band 

Fresh from their dizzying heights on the Irish charts, the St Mark’s Dublin (CCI, formerly Assemblies of God) band will lead us in worship on Monday evening, which will include an after–hours session on into the evening.  You can hear a sample of their music here:




CU Annual Conference Band

If you were there in 2018, the group from County Antrim blew us away and were so helpful as we worshipped together, that they’re back by popular request for one evening only.


New Irish Arts

Many of our graduates and best musicians have been involved with the New Irish Choir, Orchestra and ensembles (developed by Keith and Kristyn Getty) as they’ve led conferences and musical worship across our island, with distinctly local flavours.

New Irish


International guests

We’ll have an world music themed evening, as we unite together to see how God is changing the world through our CU mission teams.

Response Ministry Team

We’re delighted that 5 days together will allow lots of time to process what we’re learning, to respond to God, and to do so creatively.  Our prayer team, creative arts team and others will be around all week to create space to help us do this.


Headline speakers:

Glen Scrivener

Glen is a well known CU speaker, author and evangelist, invited onto campus by many CUs across our island and beyond, for his gifts in communicating the good news of Jesus persuasively to our friends and campuses.  If you haven’t heard him speak or had him to train your CU, you might have seen his super–creative videos going viral on social media, or equally read some of his wife’s incredible story or blog, as she shares of her journey with eating disorders, and a Christian response.



Sarah Breuel

She’s a Brazilian, working in an apathetic, post–Catholic, Italian context for many years, and increasingly speaking across European CU movements, as her inspiring stories of God at work in her life and others, through seeing the Bible opened with our friends, set many hearts on fire for more.  She comes specially requested by the students who were at IFES Europe evangelism conference last time!



Bishop Ken “Fanta” Clarke

Many will know Fanta for being Bishop of Kilmore, Elphin and Ardagh or how he retired to take on the role of Irish director of the South American Mission Society.  But did you know he was an active CU member of Trinity College Dublin, and has been a passionate supporter and advocate of the work ever since?  Ken’s decades of stories from round the world, and from round our campuses will inspire creativity and a passion for Jesus’ name to be honoured and shared.



Mark Ellis

It’s easy to overlook our own director but he’s been speaking into student context for many years.  Brought up overseas, and with vast experience in not only campus mission, but also a background in finance, Mark is keen to dream with us what God will do as His word is opened and applied to campus life.

Mark Ellis

Workshop and Mission–Equipping Track leaders:

We’ve asked the best communicators and Christian leaders on our island to come and help us think through practical topics together and deepen our understanding and convictions about who God is, and why it matters for mission on campus.  But we’ll also be flying in a few fantastic guests from CU movements, organisations and churches round the world, to help sharpen our vision on things which perhaps we still have weaknesses or blind–spots in, as local Christians.