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Fundraising options

Raising funds for things can seem difficult, but we’re here to help. God is the one who owns the cattle on a thousand hills (Ps 50:10), and he is generous in all he gives us to look after for him.

So what can you do to raise funds?

1. Consider saving up bit by bit

£195 for full may seem like a lot of money, but start saving one coffee per week, from when booking opens and you’ll have 31 x £3 = £93

Add on the cost of going to a gig, the cinema or on connecting back with your friends on campus anyway, and you’ll start to get close. But for those who are still struggling:

 2. Ask your Student Union 

Do you know that some Christian Unions get Student Union funding for student training events? We can give you a short letter to adapt to give to your Student Union to explain why you’re applying for so much funding. All you need to find out is whether you can apply for it through this year’s funding system, or whether it has to be through next year’s CU budget. Please click the above link to be taken to the Google Drive file or click here to download the file directly.

3. Ask your church

Many churches and church leaders understand how significant it is to gather with others at the start of the year and receive top notch training. We’ve already been spreading word to them about this, so hopefully by the time you mention it, they’ll have some idea already.  None–the–less, we’ll have a short letter that you can adapt that explains more about what Equip is.  Download the editable letter here or find it in the Google Drive publicity folder.

4. Apply to our fund for financially needy students

We’ll have a very limited number of reduced price student places for those with genuine needs. Please submit a response to this Google Form, and we’ll be in touch with you shortly.  For any further queries, please contact


Your festival ticket includes:

  • accommodation for four nights
  • all your food
  • five days in a stunning forest park on the edge of the beautiful Mournes
  • time to connect back with your CU
  • some of the world’s top Christian speakers
  • worship led by great Irish artists
  • workshops and teaching specifically designed to equip you for life on campus in Ireland
  • after hours entertainment