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What’s happening at Equip 2020?

Calling all students! EQUIP:Online 2020 is CUI’s annual student festival, now moved online and to regional gatherings, for all CU students across our island. Resources and connections to fuel and fire us for a year of CU mission.

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This summer, let’s gather from campuses around the whole island, online. Together, let’s be fuelled to grow in our love for Jesus, our understanding and worship of Him. Let’s ask the Spirit to set a fire in our hearts as we launch back into a new year of mission on campus.

What to expect at Equip 2020:

  • iHUMAN: Morning sessions in the 'main tent' with bible teaching from Maurice McCracken (check out more about Mo here), helping us drink deeply from God’s Word, pastorally applied to our hearts. We'll be looking at what it is to be human, in the weird online-offline mix of what lies ahead.
  • Subject-specific workshops in our 'EQUIP:Online Castle' to equip us practically to ones to help us engage our faith as we study.
  • Image-bearers on mission: workshops to help us figure out what it is to be on God's mission as we wrestle with hard topics like race, sexuality, environment, clubbing, sport, Netflix (/watching online), Gaming and much more
  • Image bearers on campus: workshops to help us personally explore how to be fruitful and thrive in the year ahead, dealing with: sleep, procrastination, mental health, fear&anxiety, solitude, eating&addictions
  • Social nights to see which CU is champion of the island!
  • A 'resource tent' with partner mission agencies, connecting us to the best resources in mission.
  • A 'prayer tent' to help you connect to other CUs, post prayer requests and pray together with your friends
  • Creative prayer & praise night on Thursday, expressing our dependency upon the Lord, and joining together with grads, supporters, students from every campus across Ireland, and pioneers of some of the Irish CUs, to launch us into the year ahead


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Big CUs:

“I’ve been really challenged by other CUs at Equip this week.

Read more of what Peter Reid, President of QUB Christian Union had to say.

Small CUs or campuses without a CU:

“Within my room, every single person said they’d support me, be there, pray for me.

Read more of what Caroline Barr, lone student from the NWRC, had to say.

Your course and study:

Studies are often mundane and boring! I’m doing Language and History, and don’t get me wrong; I love it. But it often means long hours in the library and hard work. I’ll go back now and no longer see those as a necessary evil, but as a gift from God to enjoy in his presence for his glory. He’s given us all brains that understand different things in different ways. And we’re so blessed to live in a country where we have third level education. So he deserves all the honour and glory in giving me a chance to study… and enjoy my studies.

Read more of what Andrew Wood–Martin, student at Trinity College Dublin, had to say.

Your own personal life:

There’s a great sense of community. I’ve loved meeting other Christian students and CUI Staff Workers, and learning about Jesus. I would 100% recommend Equip to anyone, and I’m definitely coming back next year!”

Read more of what Jesus is doing in Andrew Nolan’s life.

Find out more about wide range of workshops on offer this year HERE.

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