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Workshops will be happening in the afternoons with some of the island’s top thought leaders – why not take a look at which you’d like to come to? There’s plenty to choose from!

All workshop promos are now up on our festival website
When you sign up to EQUIP, you'll soon be emailed a form to choose which workshops you would like to attend. Some workshops will be limited numbers only.
Online Workshop format:

Because we've moved online, we're changing the format of workshops so you won't just be listening to someone filling all the workshop time in a monologue (even if they are worth listening to!). Workshop format will be specifically designed to maximise our short time online together, and will not only include interaction and discussion, but will have elements of our learning to do before the workshop and optional follow–on resources for those wanting to connect and explore more afterwards. In this way our time together online will will give us the best opportunity to discuss and learn from each other.


workshop 1

Tuesday (either 3pm or 4.30pm)

  • Sleep (Brian Synnott, trained counsellor with Young Adults, Cork)
    Stay up late partying or find yourself scrolling social media long into the night? 9am lectures or CU prayer meetings force you to think about getting up early? Many of us struggle with sleep, especially when the whole world went online and the structure of our days changed. How can we thrive this year? And what difference might good sleep make to us, our productivity and our spiritual lives?
  • Mental Health (Helen McNeely & Shauna Smyth, QUB student wellbeing)
    We've combined with colleagues from a Student Welllbeing Team on the island to bring you a session on student mental health. Helen and Shauna both have significant experience in assisting students with their well-being and mental health and are passionate about what they do to support students. Helen is also on our CUI Board of Trustees.
  • Procrastination (Counsellor Tom Tate, Cavan)
    Have amazing plans to be super-productive or to change your routines to actually feel like you get everything done that you need? We all struggle with things like this, so we'll have a workship to help us think through Biblical patterns of a healthy life which will help us in all of this, from a trained professional.
  • Fear & Anxiety (Drs Ivan & Carol Watson)
    College can be a tricky experience for many, making friends, starting a new life, figuring things out, trying new things. But in such a weird year, where all of these things will have a new layer of difficulty, how can we avoid or deal with fear and anxiety about it all? Ivan is pastor of a church in Cavan, and both he and his wife are trained doctors with experience in speaking on this topic across Ireland.
  • Solitude (Heledd Job, IFES Interaction Team Leader Turin)
    The last thing anyone might want is to be isolated again! But could solitude actually be a helpful practice? Or how do we make our time alone in our homes something that we can relish and learn from? Heledd helps lead retreats for CU staff and students, as well as helping many of us develop healthy patterns in our busy lives.

Wednesday (3pm or 4.30pm)

  • A Kingdom of many colours: racial and cultural diversity and the Church today (Hollie Tagle, Friends International Team Leader in Ireland)
    Our whole world has exploded into discussions, protests and disagreement about race - but how should we think and act as Christians? What does the Bible say about race and culture and how might it shape our time on campus as CUs? Hollie has lived in Cuba, works with international students from many cultures and races, and seeks to partner with diaspora church leaders based in Ireland, to break down barriers and reach out.
  • Image-bearers: Sexuality (Simon Byrne and Rob Wood)
    We've been made as sexual beings by our maker. But what does the Christian view of sexuality look like on campus? And is it good news for our hearts, our friends and our world? Young author Rob ('Satisfaction Guaranteed') and True Freedom Trust colleague Simon, help us think through how to wrestle with our own sexual identity and feelings, in light of the Bible, and how the Bible's message is fantastic news for us all.
  • Environment: distraction or essential? (with IJM NI Director & former Tearfund NI worker Hannah Elliott)
    Some Christians think the environment is a distraction to real issues of mission, and others spend their lives campaigning to cut waste and care for creation. What does a Christian response look like to this key area, that so many are talking about and concerned for these days? How does it shape life on our campuses?
  • Covid, Community and Clubbing (with CUI staffworker Helen Blakey)
    If you’re wondering what socialising at uni will look like in the semester ahead, this seminar is for you. Are you concerned about the likelihood of house parties, worried about not being on campus or considering how you will connect with others in this strange new world? These are all things we’ll be thinking about as we look at student drinking culture, creating community and being led by the Spirit as we love our neighbour.
  • Gaming for the gospel (with James Diffin, Hub Chaplaincy Belfast)
    In lockdown, the hours spent gaming went through the roof for many. And given the student world was already keen on it, that says something! But what's a Biblical view of gaming? How can we best engage and what are the dangers? James Diffin, a keen gamer from the Hub Chaplaincy in Belfast will be helping us engage.
  • Netflix and chill (Kenny Robertson, Scottish student and church worker)
    The hours we've all spent on episode after episode on online streaming services is immense. Tiger King, the Last Dance, Normal People and much more. But how do we positively engage in this? How much is too much? Do we always have to analyse everything as Christians? How do we engage missionally with our friends while watching programs together?
  • Taking sport seriously. Taking Jesus seriously. (Andrew Tutty, UCD CU and Christians in Sport student leader)
    Whether walking once each day, running or cycling, getting outside has clearly become something we've all seen a great need for during lockdown. But how do we take sport and use it for God's glory on campus even in this strange year? How do we go on mission through sport? And what if you taking sport seriously means you can't get to main CU meetings?

workshop 1

Thursday (3pm or 4.30pm)

We’re excited that EQUIP 2020 being online will actually allow more subject–related possibilities than before. More information will follow shortly but the initial program contains a workshop in each of these:

  1. Coding for the Kingdom
    James Doc of Kingdom Code, a collection of coders across the UK and beyond, comes to help those interested in thinking through how coding can be done with Kingdom Perspective. Relationship is in the heart of image-bearing, so in this workshop we will be looking at some of the intentional and unintentional relational consequences of how we design and code when we miss this key part of our faith. In Genesis 1, God says It's not good to be alone… but many people are suggesting that our smartphones are making us more individualistic and one of the outputs - more lonely. So how do we, as Christian technologists, start to think more relationally in how we plan, design, build and test the technology that we make? What would a relationally oriented digital product look like? James' background with CUs means he knows campus life well.
  2. Science as a Christian
    UCC's Prof Frank Peters (also on the CUI Board) has given his life to serving Jesus through science, and seeking the Spirit's leading in Cork to unite those from a wide perspective of Christian backgrounds, to come together to do science for God's glory. But what about the challenges where science clashes with the Bible? And what's the difference between scientism and good science?
  3. Engaging the Arts
    Our artist in residence (painter) Craig Jefferson is used to gathering students together to see how different media all reflect our creative God. Expect plenty of space for creative discussion, thought-provoking content and potentially even the start of a future grouping for artists of all sorts on the island.
  4. History
    Crawford Gribben lectures in history in QUB and is world renowned for his work on the Puritans and some parts of church history too. Having lived before that in Portlaoise, he is well aware of how he can help us as history students grapple with big questions we'll face that can dash our faith on the rocks, or give us a greater confidence in the historical basis for what we believe.
  5. Mathematics
    Many Christians study mathematics, and most of us don't ever think it has anything to do with faith. Yes, God may be logical, but apart from that? Dr David Glass (UUJ lecturer) will help us see what studying maths to God's glory really is about - we may be surprised!
  6. Languages
    The first chapter of Genesis is already steeped in language and words are the fabric of the universe. So how does our faith that is so rooted in language, stand up against current philosophy of language? And how can we study our subject to better reflect the God who we enjoy? John Gillespie (CUI Board, and lecturer in UUC) will help us engage in this key area.
  7. Psychology
    Sam Cromie, lecturer in TCD will help us wrestle with everything we come across on the psychology curriculum, as Christians. How does the Bible fit with what we learn? What about what we're taught about personhood? How does positive psychology fit with sin? What is nature, and what is nurture? And hasn't psychology of religion already taken faith to pieces and explained it all away?
  8. Health Sciences
    Christian Medical Fellowship worker Ashley Stewart returns to her homeland to help us as health science students (medics, nurses, healthcare workers, dentists etc) think through how life in these subjects throws up unusual challenges, lifestyle patterns and questions. She'll provide you with great resources and a whole new network of like-minded people to impact the world of medicine and healthcare for Christ, both here and overseas.
  9. Law
    Ex-UCD CU President Damilola Makinde (now Lawyer's Christian Fellowship) returns to be with us and help us engage as law students. Damilola has a unique understanding of both British and Irish legal systems, as well as knowing what CU life is like on the island. Join us to connect with other law students and whole network of resources too.
  10. Business
    Andrew Wallace returns by popular demand for his second year. This time he's helping business students and any budding entrepreneurs think through how to do business for the Kingdom. Andrew works part-time for a firm in east Belfast, and heads up the Young Adults side of an organisation which seeks to network and resource Christians in business to live faithfully for Jesus.