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Regional Prayer Groups

It was graduates who sold their possessions to send their mates overseas to start CUs where Christ was not known. It was grads who deliberately did postgrad studies in Irish campuses without CUs, in order to start them. It was graduates who held the ropes for them in prayer as they went. The vital work continues today across the island, as new generations of students, concerned for effective mission on campus, play their part. Will you join them?

Prayer groups for the Christian Unions exist formally across the island, as well as having churches and prayer triplets praying informally all over the world.  Some meet weekly, some monthly and some more irregularly.  We list those that we’re aware of, which are interdenominational and free for anyone to join.


Not one near you?  

Contact us if you want help starting one.  We can provide free prayer resources, speakers, and contacts to others in the area who are interested in such a thing. 



When? Second Sunday evening of the month after churches finish (8.45pm)  
What? Light supper and prayer.
Where? Various south Belfast homes


Details to be added


Mid–west (north)

When? First Friday evening of each month.
What? Light supper, a speaker to inform prayer, prayer.
Where? Homes around Portadown, Lurgan, Craigavon etc.


Dublin (restarting soon – could you help?)

When?  Monthly 1pm
What?  Bring your lunch and pray together
Where? In the CUI office (Foley Street, near Connolly Station)


When? Each week at lunch.
What?  Tea and Scones for 30mins.  Pray for Cork campuses for 30mins.
Where?  A Lecturer’s home beside UCC

When? Twice a semester.
What?  Bring your lunch and pray
Where?  CIT Meeting Rooms


Outside of Ireland:

These prayer groups may not be CUI–specific but still earnestly uphold us in prayer.

London: Central London & North London prayer group

When? Depends on leaders each year
Where?  Central London / Oak Hill Theological College
What? A group of Irish evangelicals / theological students and families who pray for Ireland

Louisville, Kentucky (USA)

A group of Baptists who pray for churches and ministries across Ireland, including CUI.