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CU in the Spotlight

Every month we like to shine the spotlight on one of our CUs around the island, to find out a bit more about what they have been up to and what things are coming up for them!
This month we hear from Magee CU.

Magee CU


Magee has a reputation for being the second choice uni, the one you put down as a last resort, the one you never actually wanted to go to. Found just outside of the Derry Walls, we are a campus of 4,000 students with a range of courses from arts to sciences. 

Over the recent years Magee CU has grown from less than 10 students to about 35 members and 30 people at our main Tuesday meetings. We are a small CU compared to others in Northern Ireland, but what we lack in size we make up for in enthusiasm. Roughly 1% of students at Magee are Christians, something we as a committee and as a wider CU are very aware of. 

Over the last year one verse that has cropped up again and again is Luke 10:2– “And he said to them, “The harvest is plentiful, but the labourers are few. Therefore pray earnestly to the Lord of the harvest to send out labourers into his harvest.”This challenged us to focus on evangelism this year, God had so clearly blessed us with the number of members and the enthusiasm they all had. 

We had a Christmas Carol Service, which a few non–Christians came to, they heard the Gospel and many good chats were had over the night. We also found a great response by going door to door around the student accommodation and personally inviting people to the event. Although not all came, we still got the chance to speak into their lives. 

At our winter planning for semester two we decided to arrange a mission week. Magee had never had a full mission week, but we decided we would plan 6 events, and see how God would use us. We started with a 7AM prayer walk on a cold Monday morning in February. We encouraged everyone to pray boldly, to pray that God would move. 

Our first day went by quickly, two people came to our first night– a debate about Protestant and Catholic beliefs. They stayed and chatted, we continued to pray. 

Our second night, we had an event called “Satisfied? Today, Tomorrow, Repeat”, we advertised free pizza and invited everyone we knew. People began to arrive about 45 minutes early. More came, then more, then more. By the time we had set to start we had a room of 60 people, we were bringing in extra chairs and had run out of pizza. Crown Jesus Ministries helped us out with a speaker, Mitch, and the Gospel was preached. By the end of the night 12 people responded! We had the room booked until 9pm but at 10.30pm there were still people chatting, asking questions and being prayed with.

Our third day many of the people from Tuesday night returned for an acoustic and chill night. We encouraged people to bring their friends and have casual conversations about God and the Gospel. 

One thing we really pushed was the follow up to these conversions and responses. We didn’t want to let those who had expressed an interest simply slip away. We were deeply challenged by our speaker the week before missions week who told us to befriend people, “do life” with them, to be in it for the long–haul. He told us evangelism wasn’t a mission night or even a mission week– it was a life time commitment to non–Christian friends. 

Over this year God has truly blessed and used our CU. He has brought us closer together and has exceeded all of our expectations. He has taken us farther than we ever dreamed we could go.

How to pray for Magee CU:

  • Thank God for the amazing things He has done in Magee.
  • Pray that the new committee will settle into their roles.
  • Pray that God will bring enough freshers next year (a large number of members have just graduated).
  • Pray that God will be working in people’s heart’s in Magee and that He would use the CU for His Glory.