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Prayer Diary July to September 2019


1st – 7th July

Praise God for many CUI students helping out with Christian children’s and youth camps this summer. Pray that they would be a godly example to teenagers and kids all over Ireland, and that they would grow in their own desire to know and serve God as they seek to make him known through camp ministries.

8th – 14th July

Pray for students on CU committees across Ireland who meet over the summer holidays to plan and pray for the academic year ahead. Pray for godly wisdom as they plan CU programmes and events for the year, seeking to make Jesus known to their peers. Please pray for students to grow in love for those on their campuses who don’t know the Lord.

15th – 21st July

Praise God for the many students in Ireland who put their faith in Jesus for the first time this year. Please pray for them now as they go home, some to countries where they won’t have church support, and many to families where they will be the only Christian. Pray for them to know the truth of God’s promises to them, and to grow in their love of him over the summer.

22nd – 28th July

Pray this week for Dublin International Outreach. DIO is two weeks of International Conversation Café outreach to international students in Dublin, welcoming and getting to know them, while engaging in conversation and running evangelistic Bible studies. Pray that Christ would work in the hearts of people from all cultures and backgrounds, and equip and sustain the team of student volunteers working with Dublin churches.

29th July – 4th August

Pray for CUI students working in a variety of summer jobs throughout the summer holidays. Pray for them to shine like stars in their workplaces, as they do on campus. Please pray for them to grow in maturity as they work hard at the responsibilities given to them, and commend the gospel to their colleagues in the way they act and relate to those around them.


5th – 11th August

Pray for New Horizon, an annual Christian festival that takes place on the Ulster University campus in Coleraine. Thousands of people of all ages will gather for a week to be taught from the Bible, be inspired through worship and story, develop a missional heart, and engage with relevant and challenging issues. Pray for CUI’s engagement with other mission groups at the festival, but particularly with school–leavers who are heading to university this autumn and could connect with a CU.

12th – 18th August

Pray for school–leavers who are receiving exam results and college offers this week. Pray that God would guide those who need to make decisions. Please pray for the Christians amongst them to know that their identity and value are in God, not in their results or future plans, and for them to have peaceful hearts at what can be an anxious time.

19th – 25th August

Pray that God would continue to provide all the financial support CUI needs, for his glory. Give thanks for our partnerships with many churches and individuals who understand the value of CUI’s mission to Ireland’s students. Thank God for all those who support the work of CUI both in prayer and financially, and pray for many more to come alongside CUI in the year ahead.

The CUI staff team is changing at the end of August. Please pray for God’s blessing on staff who are moving on, and for the new team members joining.

26th August – 1st September

Pray for Equip, CUI’s annual student festival, from 26th – 30th August. Set in the grounds of a beautiful castle, the festival is for all CUI students, staff and guests across our island, taking five days to fuel and fire them for a year of CU mission. Pray for many to come, for safety on site and huge enjoyment of the week, and that the Lord would shape their hearts with deep, godly conviction as the Bible is opened. Pray that each CU would indeed be fuelled and fired for a year of CU mission in their own context in the year ahead.


2nd – 8th September

Pray for incoming first years across Ireland’s campuses to connect with their CUs quickly, and to receive a warm welcome. Please pray for them to start developing deep convictions about their fellow students’ need for the gospel and to draw alongside what their CUs are doing in mission on campus.

Some CU committees are meeting this week to pray and plan for the academic year ahead. Please pray for them to have great wisdom in their plans and decisions, and that relationships within the committees would be loving and collegiate.

9th – 15th September

Lots of Freshers’ weeks are taking place this week across Ireland! Please pray for CUI students to provide a warm and servant–hearted welcome to many students across Ireland’s campuses. Pray for CUs who are running specific welcome programmes to be well–organised and effective at befriending newcomers. Pray for CUs who are running specific evangelistic events during Freshers’ weeks to be bold in sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ. Please pray that many first years would hear about Jesus in their first week!

16th – 22nd September

Give thanks for our Trust Board and the role they play in supporting the mission of CUI. Please pray for their Board meeting this week, that God would give them wisdom and grace as they make decisions about strategy and staffing and how best to support and grow CU mission to campuses in Ireland.

23rd – 29th September

Pray for the University College Dublin CU weekend away in Ovoca Manor this weekend to be a chance for the CU to grow closer in friendships with each other – especially for any first years going. Pray they would know God’s love through the teaching, prayer and fellowship they will enjoy, and be better equipped through it all to work as an effective mission team on campus. Pray for the weekend away to bear fruit all year through effective outreach, and for many to come to know Jesus through the witness of the CU.