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What is Conversational Evangelism and How Do You Do It?

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Simon Edwards,, .




How do we talk about Jesus in public and do so effectively in a society that is post–Christian in attitude and pre–Christian in understanding?

That’s the challenge addressed by our UK Director Simon Edwards in this audio talk, delivered in Finland last year, where he explores what is conversational evangelism and the role of apologetics.

If you’ve ever wondered how to start conversations about faith, or how to take them deeper, this talk offers sound advice and practical examples that’ll help you become a better communicator of the gospel.


Simon Edwards is the UK Director for RZIM Zacharias Trust and Assistant Chaplain of the Oxford Centre for Christian Apologetics. He holds separate degrees in law and economics and a graduate diploma in education from the University of Queensland, Australia. Read Simon’s full biography here.

This talk originally appeared on RZIM Zacharias Trust  and is shared thanks to the kind permission of RZIM. Find more apologetics context from the Zacharias Trust here.