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Be True to Yourself (Book Review)

Why Believe

Assumpta Pinto, , .




Be True to Yourself
Matt Fuller
But the book HERE.

This book is crucial in faith formation and finding your identity in Christ, irrespective of where you are in your journey. It presents some eye–opening arguments that truly helps you realize who you are and how valued you are. It is concise in structure and concrete in its idea, piercing through any pre–existing notions like a double–edged sword. 

Despite identifying myself as a strong–willed, independent, spiritual person who is confident in her faith, this book really spoke to me and helped find the truth about myself. All of us have struggles, especially when it comes to accepting ourselves for who we are, but Matt does an incredible job of breaking it down and putting it across very simply – You are unique. You are loved. Your worth is truly found in Christ. 

In this fast–paced world, it is quite natural to lose sight of who you are meant to be. One has to be nudged quite hard to be ‘reset’ and brought back to the point of focus. If you are looking to ‘reset’, or discover yourself, or simply just recognise yourself better (through the eyes of your Maker), then this book is a perfect read for you. 

After being in college for a while, you tend to be weighed down by the expectations of others and put immense pressure on yourself to perform and conform, in a desperate attempt to fit in. You frequently undermine yourself and your abilities, hoping to be liked and loved by your peers and those around you. Else, you choose to wear a mask and bask yourself in self–confidence and self–proclaimed glory, knowing deep down, that it is not who you are or who you are called to be. Well, it’s true that you are looking at all the wrong places, and surely you’ve heard that one before, but take some time off. 

Pick up this book and you will know exactly what needs to change. The world might tell you something, but the truth is quite compelling and unexpected! It is easy to believe and understand.  

This book breaks all cultural norms, and excellently entailed relevant nuances, engaging you in every word on every page. Highly recommended easy read for all who are looking to find meaning.

Assumpta Pinto is a student at TCD who describes herself as “Philomath. Peripatetic. Marketer. Storyteller. Peacemaker.”  She can be found blogging here. 

You can buy this book from a local retailer (with cheap/free postage) HERE.