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International Students and the Local Church

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Friends International (who are joint with CUI on this island) have brought out a fantastic new resource to help you as churches think through how to reach the nations on our doorstep, through International Student Ministry (ISM).

Want to use this downtime during the lockdown to sharpen your vision as a local church for reflecting God’s heart for the nations, and your part in reaching them?  Here’s one way you can do that.

This should take the fear out of your church’s adventure into befriending international students.  This handbook contains clear biblical principles, practical guidelines and helpful hints – answering most of the questions your church leaders are likely to have ever asked about international student ministry and many they have never thought about. 

The author’s continual focus on building friendships rather than just programmes, learning to ask questions, learning to listen, understanding that each individual has a unique background should be applied to all our relationships.

Cassells Morrell, church leader in Greystones (and Assoc. Regional Secretary for IFES Europe ‘01–’18)

You can find out more about this resource by clicking here.


You can order (reduced price) copies of this resource through our ISM Team Leader on the island Hollie Tagle, by contacting us through our contact page here or through our social media channels (where we are also giving some away free to celebrate the launch of this new resource).