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Cults in Ireland

Why Believe

Neus Grier, , .


Cults: A dangerous deception

Download the PDF resource above (it wrongly identifies as audio).

As students, we need to be wise. Jesus, Paul, Peter and other New Testament writers continually warned of people who would try to deceive believers. And if you think, “That’ll never be me”, please be aware that it might be! Friends in CUs have been tricked by what at first has seemed very reasonable. 

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Downloadable PDF can be found here. Link can also be found here.


Why a CU is not a cult 

Sadly, cults and false gospels are most successful when they mimic what the church or true gospel looks like. Below is a ‘code of conduct’ for us as CUs and CUI, seeking to live and operate transparently before both University authorities and our Father.

[1] One of our core values is to serve the Church. We will never pull people away from local churches, believing that is the place of lifelong discipleship and pastoral care. 

[2] We do not hide away for Bible study or operate closed groups. At every meeting of the CU which is for CU members is open and we welcome any student on that campus to also attend.

[3] We never pull people away from the world, we teach them how to live and serve in God’s world.

[4] We therefore don’t put Bible study and CU commitments above commitments to friends, family, or church. We believe Bible study matters because through God’s Word we come to know him. But we can only know him and work out what walking with him means by engaging with his world and serving those around us.

[5] We never condone, let alone encourage, lying to anyone. This includes not lying to other students or university authorities. One of our values is to invest in campus life with transparent integrity, so we will therefore be open and honest in all we do and say.

[6] We are clear about who we are. We show faces and names in print, on social media, and online. We give contact details publicly.

[7] Christian Unions on every campus are members of their respective Students’ Unions and respectfully submit to them. Christian Unions Ireland is a legally registered charity and our accounts are fully open to anyone to examine (ROI Charity No: 20036959, NI Charity No: NIC102525)