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CUI Podcast: The Christian + Politics

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CUI Chair Jim Crookes is joined by world renowned author and social critic Os Guinness, for a special episode on The CUI Podcast on the Christian and politics.

The world watched in shock at the events that unfolded on January 6th outside the Capitol building in Washington DC. Protesters held signs that said “Jesus Saves” as they rampaged through one of the greatest symbols of democracy in the world.

In both Ireland and the US, evangelicals are confused and dismayed by the astonishing speed with which their culture has rejected its Judeo–Christian roots. Some are tempted to fight politically in defence of a Christian Nation; at the same time, tens of thousands of young adults from evangelicals are moving into agnosticism or liberal post–evangelical communities.

How can we, as Christian students respond? How should we engage effectively with a post–Christian world in a way that honours the Lord Jesus Christ?