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Small Group Leaders

Small Group Leaders

Small groups: Equipped to Lead is a podcast series, on Spotify, which aims to equip, challenge and encourage CU Small Group leaders across the Island for their role in leadership. This series focuses on five key elements that we would love to see outworked through CU Small Groups: witness, bible study, community, blessing and prayer.

1–     Why do we exist as small groups? | With Peter Dray

2–     What is evangelism and why do we do it? | First of three in the ‘Witness’ mini–series with Michael Ots

3–     Evangelism explored: God and us | Second of three with Michael Ots

4–     Mission in Small Groups: ‘Go Nights’ | Final podcast on Witness with Peter Dray

5–     What is the Bible? | First of three in the ‘Bible’ mini–series with Alison Williams

6–     Finding joy in scripture | Second podcast with Alison Williams

7–     How to lead a Bible study | Final podcast in the Bible mini–series with Alison Williams

8–     Living off prayer | With Chris McBurney

9–     United to Christ | First of two podcasts with Rick Hill on community

10–  Unity together in Christ | Second podcast with Rick on community

11–  Living as salt and light | One off podcast on ‘Blessing’ with Hannah Irwin

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