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Mission Teams on Campus

CUs are about students reaching students with the gospel of Jesus Christ. The CUs around the island want to see students transformed by encountering Jesus Christ, and become passionate lifelong followers of him.

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The CU is primarily a mission team on campus, This means that the programme for the year is focused on helping students reach their peers in unique and creative ways, appropriate to their context. The way in which CUs reach their various campuses can look very different from campus to campus. This is why its so important that CUs are student–led, so that programmes for the year are put together by those on the ground – those interacting with their peers in the joys and struggles of university life.

CUs are made up of a diverse group of students from different backgrounds, studying in different fields and with lots of different interests. This means that there is lots of space to communicate the Christian message creatively on their campus. From football tournaments to “Text–a–Pancake” nights to Event weeks – CUs have been seeking to make Jesus known on their campuses in real and relevant ways, engaging with hot topics and tough questions and pointing people to the person of Jesus by examining the stories about him for themselves.

In order for a CU to reach out to their campus effectively they need to be trained in their understanding of God’s Word, encouraged by one another and built on a foundation of prayer. The CU’s programme for the year reflects this by having regular prayer meetings, bible studies, discussions and talks with local church leaders and times of fellowship together.