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EQUIP 2021

Calling all students! The EQUIP summer festival is BACK and guarantees to be one you won’t forget.

23rd – 27th August 2021

EQUIP is CUI’s annual student festival for all CU students across our island. The festival aims to provide resources and connections to fuel and fire us for a year of CU mission.

Equipped through great Bible teaching.
Equipped in vibrant community.
Equipped for Christ–like leadership.

2020 was a tough year, that’s for sure. Last summer government restrictions forced EQUIP to go online for the first time. In 2021, we’re planning to meet together once again, with a fresh appreciation for physical community.

Together, let’s be fuelled to grow in our love for Jesus, our understanding and worship of Him. Let’s ask the Spirit to set a fire in our hearts as we launch back into a new year of mission on campus.


But don’t just take our word for it, here’s what students had to say about EQUIP 2020:

“The workshops covered a wide range of topics and were very practical and applicable and the main meetings were very relevant for today’s world.” – Stephen

 “I loved having the opportunity to meet and speak to Christians from all over the island in the breakout rooms which followed the main meeting – it was so encouraging to hear their stories, as well as get ideas as to how to run CU a little differently this year!” – Emma

“I feel like EQUIP helped me to have more answers for those facing hard questions about faith and God as I step into leadership this year. Also, I’m more excited to see how God will work in amazing ways this new season and bring people into His Kingdom across the campuses of Ireland, using the creativity, love, and new boldness that us Christian students/others will have with the help of God.” – Olivia

“I really loved hearing about how different CUs are planning for this semester. It gives me great confidence when planning for this year.” – Matthew

“I learnt in all things we should always look up to God.” – Obeh

“I really liked the workshops relating our career goals to scripture. As a computer science student, I always felt a disconnect between what I studied and my faith but the EQUIP workshop was an amazing session that helped bridge that gap.” – Nischal

“Definitely difficult to pick a specific moment, as I learnt so much, but I really enjoyed the law workshop and learning about how relationships are so important. That our God is a relational father and wants us to have a relationship with Him and others.” – Bridget

“I found the Solitude workshop and the understanding of solitude as ‘calls’ insightful and appreciated that perspective. I also enjoyed the interactive sessions and getting to speak to different people in various CU’s.” – Blessing

“It made me more aware of what Christians should be alert to as image–bearers of Christ and how we should have a Christ–like attitude in matters such as cultural and racial diversity.” – Peter

Stay tuned for more information on how to book your spot. Watch this space or keep up to date on our socials.