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CU Connect

CU Connect

A way to meet other Christian students and Freshers like you… from Day 1!

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Are you starting university this year? Or an international student arriving for a semester abroad? Or a second year who didn’t get the opportunity to be on campus and connect with your Christian Union last year?

Your CU are excited to welcome you. Find out below how to link up with your campus CU and have the chance to know some friendly faces before starting college, as well as hearing what CU is about and what it means to live for Jesus on campus.

If you’re a student in the East, South, or West, there is a special event for you and your CU!

Join us for a morning gathering with CUs from your region to meet other Christian students like you starting into first year, and older years who can help you settle in. You’ll also be equipped with great teaching, receive free books and resources, have the opportunity to worship God all together and hear from others who have been through the experience of starting university. This will be followed by an afternoon picnic and fun with your CU, getting to know your new CU mission team for the year – welcoming freshers or being welcomed if you are one!

Saturday 18 September – CU CONNECT: Dublin, Cork, and Galway:

CLICK HERE for more info about your day

If you’re a student in the North, you’ll have likely gotten to some Freshers’/Refreshers’ events already with things kicking off a bit earlier there. But if you haven’t had a chance yet and would like to connect with your CU, or receive a free resource for starting university, CLICK HERE.

For student workers

CLICK HERE if you know students starting university or work with students and would like to:

– receive physical copies of Flux Season 2 – Starting University [make Flux a hyperlink to the Flux Season 2 tab] to use with Freshers you know or give as gifts

– receive updates from CUI

Contact us if you would like to connect a student you know to their CU or get in touch with the local CUI Staff Worker to your region.