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How do we re–engage Generation–Z, especially as they emerge from lockdown?


This generation of school leavers and students was already the most disconnected from Church. And the pandemic has made that worse. Even those who love Jesus are feeling more spiritually dry, more disconnected from Christian community, and have stopped reading their Bibles. They’re also more hesitant than ever before socially and more anxious. 

We want to think through with you how you as Student Workers & Church Leaders can start to understand their world, what they’re looking for, and how they are connecting with Jesus. 


– Northern Ireland

After a year of too many zoom calls, not being able to sit their exams and separation from their friends, our Gen Z students will be spilling onto our campuses in September. The next couple of months will be an incredibly crucial and formative time for them, especially after this past year. We want to serve, support, encourage and equip our Gen Z students as they embark on such a fresh new chapter of their lives.

And we want to serve you, as you have an incredible impact on your students in your context. Join us at Equip where we will be thinking more about what student ministry looks like this year. We’ll have Mark Ellis (CUI Director) opening Scripture with us. Also joining us will be Peter Lynas (Director, Evangelical Alliance) to help us understand the culture we’re in, and Graham Shearer unpacking what it takes to disciple GenZ in 2021 and beyond.

Monday 23 August, The Majestic, 10am–4pm [Lunch provided]

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– Republic of Ireland

Join us for this opportunity to gather and connect over a light breakfast (9.30 – 10.45am) while Mark Ellis (CUI Director) leads us in seeking to understand GenZ as they emerge from lockdown, and what it will take to re–engage them spiritually in 2021. 

Dublin     |  Wednesday 25 August

Cork        |   Thursday 26 August

Galway   |  Friday 27 August

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