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Flux | a time of constant change

You live in a time of flux.
A time of constant change.
One that’s only been intensified with a global pandemic.


Leaving school is one of the biggest moments in your life and over the next four videos and accompanying studies we want to help you think more about the transition leaving school. We’ve never lived in a world with as many options as you have today and it’s left many of us feeling, well slightly anxious. But through these next sessions we hope to help you see how Jesus actually offers us a security and hope, even in this season of FLUX. Join with us as we investigate this together


Session One  |  Identity

As we leave school, we can feel our identity being battered about by the shifting tides of the world, but Jesus can offer us a true security and hope, found only in him. 

Click the link below to watch our video on Identity and download our accompanying study.

CLICK HERE for the Identity study pack 

CLICK HERE for the Identity study pack [printer–friendly]

Session Two  |  Decisions

What’s my next step? What University do I apply to? Do I do an apprenticeship or what job will I go for? How will this all manage to come together?

Click the link below to watch our video on Decisions and download our accompanying study.

CLICK HERE for the Decisions study pack 

CLICK HERE for the Decisions study pack [printer–friendly]

Session Three  |  Relationships

Come September, you’ll be surrounded by completely new sets of people. Whether you leave home, start university or start new job you’ll be faced with making new connections. But how do we make lasting genuine connections?

Click the link below to watch our video on Relationships and download our accompanying study.

CLICK HERE for the Relationships study pack 

CLICK HERE for the Relationships study pack [printer–friendly]

Part 4 on Mission coming up 24 May