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Student Council

At CUI, we want to hear from students at every level of our leadership, so that an authentic student voice speaks into our governance and strategy. Student Council does just that: find out more about it here.

Student Council is made up of Northern and Southern co–chairs plus representatives from all four provinces: two from Ulster, two from Leinster and one each from Munster and Connacht. It meets four times per year and also meets with all the local CU leaders annually in a President’s Forum.

There are three strands to the Student Council work:

  • Information: it is a place where the Director can inform the student representatives of current issues facing CUI.
  • Analysis: it gives the student representatives an opportunity to analyse the effectiveness of CUI from a student perspective and offer feedback on recent initiatives. Sometimes this feedback may be based on a wider survey carried out regionally amongst students.
  • Participation: it allows students, through their representatives, to place issues on the agenda of CUI Staff and Board, to ask for guidance and to suggest areas for further consideration by CUI. The Student Council co–chairs sit on the CUI Board.


Recent initiatives undertaken by the Student Council include:

  • a Day Conference for final year students and recent graduates;
  • a pilot mission partnership with GBU Italy
  • a request that CUI Board examine the implications for CUI of recent developments in gender politics


CUI Student Council 2020 Chair Person

Sarah Carson – QUB CU (to contact Sarah, please drop us a message via our contact page)