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Other opportunities: Academic Placements, Leadership training

Summer isn’t all just about summer teams. And even if you do a few teams, there often is months still left! So what then? We suggest a few other options, but why not chat to your church leaders to see what they think too?

 Academic Placements

Your study can be as much honouring to God and done for His glory, as popping off on another summer of teams.  Wouldn’t it be amazing to see how being a foot–washing follower of our servant–King Jesus, changes how we:

  • study mathematics, 
  • research biodiversity of flora and fauna, 
  • engage in an engineering placement, 
  • coach at our local sports club,
  • perform in gigs
  • serve in our broken healthcare system
  • speak into academic theological debates

Or whatever your subject is – Jesus makes a difference!  Why not see how, develop your career, and serve under a Christian academic in your chosen discipline for the summer?


Many academics round the world take on placement students, and the advantage of being connected to a global movement is that we can quite often manage to pair you up with someone in your field, if you ask early enough, and if you have the suitable gifting for their specialty.  In the past, we’ve partnered with organisations like Global Scholars to provide this.


Ask us today, for more info.


Leadership Training

IFES Europe Formación 

What?  Leadership training and mentoring, alongside other cultures and European CU leaders.  9 days in the summer, followed by being paired with a mentor (staff) for the year, to help process and pray through your leadership experience.  For more videos and info on Facebook: click here

When? 5th – 14th August 

Where? Poland 

How much? €300 + flights/transport. €50 off if you are going to EQUIP

How many places from CUI?  Only 4 places are available.  There’s one more space in particular for anyone who wants to be mentored to lead musical worship in future.  You must have one year left on campus to attend.



Many of our generation long to travel, see the world and grow as we experience all sorts of things.  Travel can be a great way to spend the summer.  But like anything, it can become an idol, or something we don’t let the God who made travel, speak to us about.  Why not intentionally think through your travel plans this summer?  


Could you travel with non–Christian friends?

Are you being sustainable as you travel?

How is your travel impacting others around you (as you travel, and back home)?

Could you encourage other Christians or churches as you travel?


Want to think more about how to make the most of your travels? Here’s one article to help you do that.


Read and learn scripture

Why not take the time to set up a reading list or Podcasts that you’ll get through?  Or a scripture memory challenge?  And as most of us don’t stick to our goals, why not gather a few friends round who’ll be interested in doing the same or similar things.  That way, whether you’re miles away in a different country, or simply feeling far away from your mates down the road, you’ll be able to keep in touch and message each other.

Learning Scripture?

One professor in UCC takes out his phone every time others do, but instead of going on Apps, he learns or refreshes the next verse of the Bible book he’s been learning.  Soon he’d managed all of Romans! (Yip, we’re on our phones that much)  But if you want a shorter challenge, the verses at the end of Wayne Grudem’s Systematic theology chapters give a balanced set of juicy stuff to get stuck into.

Reading books?  

We can grow so much through reading.  We’ve got plenty of great reviews on our blog for you to choose from.  Here are just a few of them: