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Starting college or university this term? Asking yourself how you will make friends and build community in this new COVID world? Heard of Christian Unions but not sure what they are but want to find out more? If any of this describes you then a big hello to you!

We can't wait to meet you and get to know you in some shape or form this incoming year. We are Christian Unions Ireland- a charity that supports student-led Christian Unions in universities across the island. We are passionate about seeing students grow deeper in Christ so they might live and speak for him at university so that others might come to know Him.

Starting university has always been a big deal, bringing with it a lot of life changes. We also recognise that in light of COVID-19 there are added uncertainties this year.

However we want you to be encouraged and reassured that there are people in the Christian Union on your campus who can't wait to meet you and are praying for you!

We also thought it would be helpful to put you in touch with someone from your Christian Union so that you can ask them your questions or just say hi! Fill out the form below and we will pass on your details to the Freshers’ rep in your Christian Union. You can expect to hear from someone after the 27th July (if you sign up June/July), or else in mid- August after exam results.

Your information will only be passed on to the freshers’ rep at your college. In the meantime, keep an eye out here for some Freshers' blogs and resources that we will be posting, or like CUI on Instagram or Facebook to hear more about how God is working through the Christian Unions in Ireland. Also keep the 25th-27th August 2020 free for an exciting opportunity to meet people from your CU.