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International Students Activities

Over 100,000 international students come to Ireland each year. Some come during the summer to learn English, but many come for longer to study at Bachelor’s, Master’s or Doctorate level. Read more to find out what CUs are doing to welcome them.

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CUI has long been at the forefront of welcoming international students and helping them integrate into life in a new country. Over the years we have co–ordinated a welcome programme, a host family network, international cafes during term–time, cultural events and weekends away. We often work in tandem with a variety of local churches, and our work in Ireland is also a partnership with Friends International.

If you are an international student coming to Ireland and want to connect with one of our ministries please email

Some of the things going on for international students around Ireland:

iWelcome Belfast

An opportunity to help international students settle in to university life.

International Cafes

Regular gatherings in many cities across the island to help internationals practice english, make friends with both people from the city and beyond.

Cork International Student Café
Email CISC:

Limerick International Student Café
Email LISC:

Globe Café (Trinity College Dublin)

Queens iCafé

Coleraine iCafé

Christmas Weekend Away

A chance for International students in Dublin and Munster to experience an Irish Christmas.

For more details on any of the above please email us on