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International Students Activities

Over 100,000 international students come to Ireland each year. Some come during the summer to learn English, but many come for longer to study at Bachelor’s, Master’s or Doctorate level. Read more to find out what CUs are doing to welcome them.

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CUI has long been at the forefront of welcoming international students and helping them integrate into life in a new country. Over the years we have co–ordinated: 

  • a welcome programme, 
  • a host family network, 
  • international cafes during term–time, 
  • cultural events and 
  • weekends away 

Since 2016 we have been in a formal partnership with Friends International (FI) called the International Student Ministry Ireland Project (ISMI). This is a joint initiative that brings together CUI’s campus ministry experience and strong local team support alongside FI’s international student expertise, resources and global returnee networks, for fulfil our vision to see:


“International Students transformed by the good news of Jesus so that they fully engage with the mission of the church in the world.”

The shared purpose of the ISMI Project is to see churches and Christian Unions partnering to develop sustainable, complementary and effective ministries so that international students on campuses throughout Ireland will be welcomed and befriended, evangelised, discipled and equipped to serve Christ wherever they go next. When the church and our Christian Unions not only open their doors to international students but also God’s word and their lives, God is at work transforming the nations!

The ISMI Project is led by Hollie Tagle who is the ISMI Project Team Leader and over the incoming months and years our prayer is to develop a team of ISM Project Staff Workers who will work alongside CUI Staff across Ireland to see students lives transformed by the gospel.

Like to be involved?  Contact us via our contact page.