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Regional and National Events

Each year CUI organises a number of events, both regionally and island–wide, where CUs can meet and encourage one another, learn from each other, and share what is going on in their different CUs around the island.

Equip, Joint CU training events, Regional Big Weekends Away and Preterm gatherings all seek to develop the relationships between the CUs, to offer students the opportunity to gather together, to be trained together and sent out to their campuses brimming with encouragements and ideas from their fellow students.

These times of gathering together, growing together and going out together are highlights of the CU calendar and vital times of encouragement and growth for many of the students on our campuses.

More information on all of the below events will be coming soon. Please email if you’d like more information in the meantime.

CU Annual Conference
Final Year/Graduate Day Conference
IFES World Student Day
CUI Supporter Evenings

Joint CU Preterm
Queens CU Preterm
Training Events

Irish Preterm
Small Group Leaders Training
The East’s Big Weekend Away
Choosing New Leaders
New Leaders Training

Irish Preterm
The South & West’s Big Weekend Away