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CU & Campus Life

The CU is a student–led society that actively contributes to campus life. It takes its place amongst the lively collection of student societies on every campus, offering what no other society can offer: life and fullness in Christ.

Like every other society, the CU actively engages new students during the student orientation week (known as Freshers’ Week or Clubs and Societies Fairs Day, depending on the campus). Whether gathering weekly for teaching, discussion and fellowship, serving the needs of their fellow students through creative outreach or hosting on–campus events that engage and challenge students to think about the truth of Christianity, each CU actively contributes to campus life. All CUs strive to maintain a positive relationship with their Student Union or Central Societies Committee.

One of the main purposes of the CU is to present Christianity in the bustling marketplace of ideas that is the University campus. This often takes the form of lunch time talks or evening events, much like any other student society seeking to promote its views and interests. Depending on their context and ability, each CU seeks to creatively engage their campus with the Gospel. Engaging drama, hospitality, door–to–door rubbish removal in student accommodation, vox pop questionnaires and thought provoking posters have all played a role in recent years as students in CUs nationwide have sought to connect with their peers.

The dizzying range of worldviews and religious options on campus continues to present a challenge to CUs all over Ireland. Prayerful, creative and intelligent outreach remains a must. In some cases, Student Union authorities are warmly positive about the presence of the CU; in other cases the witness of the CU is actively discouraged. Profound changes in
social morality in Post–Catholic Ireland also present a challenge: gender issues and
sexuality are hotly debated topics, as is the area of abortion and the right to life. Terrorism, mass immigration and the appalling injustices that attract daily media coverage invite comment from all corners of the student community.

In this intense and formative environment, the CU is charged with the task of honestly and gently communicating the insights of an informed Christian mind. Above all, the CU exists as a student voice for the world–changing message of Jesus Christ.