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CU Purpose and Aims

There are more than 30 CUs on campuses island–wide. Each one exists so that students can reach students with the gospel of Jesus Christ. Find out more about the purpose and aims of a CU here.

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CUs are gospel–centred

The CUs are communities of student–disciples who are united and mobilised by the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Each one is founded on the central Biblical beliefs that are outlined in the CUI Doctrinal Basis. Each CU is evangelical in the sense that it is based on the evangel, the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The purpose of the Doctrinal Basis is to safeguard the Gospel as the centre–point of unity and identity, preventing the CU from becoming either narrowly partisan or lacking in purpose and direction.

CUs are interdenominational

The CU is not affiliated to any particular denomination. It aims to bring together students from all cultures, languages and Christian traditions. The core essentials of Gospel–centred Christianity are maintained without emphasising any secondary denominational perspectives. 

CUs are student–led

The CU is led by students, for students. Most CUs are led by a student–nominated committee who are tasked with serving and facilitating the growth and ministry of the CU on campus.

CUs reach out

The CU is a mission–team on campus. As such, its primary aim is to reach the university or college with the message of Jesus Christ. This takes the form of missional events like evangelistic lunch–time talks, panel discussions, participating in inter–society events on campus as well as the fostering of individual relationships in which CU members witness to the Person of Jesus Christ. Every year students pioneer different ways of connecting the Gospel with their campus, depending on the size, context and creativity of the CU.  

CUs inspire and encourage their members

Most CUs gather on a weekly basis, usually on a week–day evening. At its best, The CU is a warm and welcoming student community that offers Christian students a vital opportunity for fellowship and encouragement. A CU, depending on size and context, may gather for praise time, followed by interactive discussion and Bible–based teaching delivered by an invited speaker. The aim throughout is to equip student members for a life of faith, godliness and to share the Gospel of Christ in their context. While many of these meetings are designed to encourage and affirm Christians in their faith, non–Christian students are always welcome and are often invited by CU members. Most meetings are followed by refreshments to allow time for further discussion and fellowship. Alongside the main weekly meeting many of the CUs run a network of small group Bible studies or prayer groups.