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5 days to fuel and fire us for a year of CU mission.

Gather from campuses around the whole of the island. Be fuelled to grow in our love for Jesus, understanding and worship of Him. Have the Spirit set a fire in our hearts as we launch back into another year as individuals within missional communities on campus, equipped to go and relate the good news of Jesus to the campus around us.

Join us 26th–30th August 2019.

What to expect:

  • Main morning sessions from Glen Scrivener that will help us drink deeply from God’s Word, pastorally applied to our hearts in ways that a student worker like Glen can do best.  Worship led by our house band.
  • Prayer sessions at the start of each day, expressing our dependence upon the Lord for all things, as well as experiencing creative ways to pray and respond to God throughout the week, led by our prayer team.
  • Mealtimes that will enable CUs to bond, individuals to connect and ideas to be shared, whether you’re camping and cooking together, having a regional BBQ or eating in the castle.
  • Free–time – Play sport with Christians in Sport, express your creativity with our artist–in–residence, or grab a quality coffee in our Castle Café.  Or if you’re more adventurous, why not try the giant maze, Adventure Centre activities or simply walk the beautiful forest park lakes and grounds – something for everyone and hours to enjoy together!
  • Workshops: to practically equip us to reach out more effectively on campus; subject–specific ones to help us engage our faith as we study; and others covering issues that are specific to student life on campus.
  • Evening sessions with worship led by Chapel Band, New Irish Arts and last year’s CU Annual Conference Band, and world class speakers, helping us see how Jesus is good news for us, our campuses, our culture and the world!

Castlewellan Castle

 NEW for this year:

  • Mission equipping tracks: just one of many advantages of a festival, is having time and space to really consider how different aspects of God’s character and who He is, shape life on campus.  Choose from 5 tracks and have your heart warmed by deep, interactive sessions in a way that you never thought was possible!
  • Afterhours that will example some great ways that Irish Christians are engaging in all parts of creation and using them in mission.  We’ll have a ceilidh, silent disco, films, bonfire, chillout area, late–night café, open–mic night, and some evenings our guest bands will stay on with our prayer team for those who want to keep responding to God with them.
  • A resource tent that will connect us to the best resources in world mission with partner mission agencies, as well as providing quality books to read and creating space for people to gain an awareness of what God is doing on campuses, locally and internationally.

“Annual Conference was the highlight of my time in CU – meeting people from all round the country and worshipping together.  I’ll never forget what I learnt there.”

(Student from QUB Christian Union)